Engines: Frequently Asked Questions


Which Engine fits into my car or truck?
If you are not certain which engine or transmission fits, TALK TO YOUR MECHANIC. He or she is the one who is going to install it.He or she is also the most qualified to order your replacement engine. Your mechanic is also the one who will recognize the superior quality of our longblocks and transmissions. We consider our engines and transmissions the best in the business; and we have no doubt that your mechanic will agree. And since THEIR SUPPLIERS CAN'T BEAT OUR PRICES, you'll be doing them a favor. A quick tip: After the Make Model Year search (left side of  the page) Check the 8th digit of you VIN.  If it matches the letter or number in parentheses (in this example, the letter U), it's a likely match. GMC YUKON 2500 Hummer H2 6L (U )2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Just print out the page or email the link to your mechanic to be certain prior to ordering.
Why do I see multiple engines that fit my vehicle? What's the difference?
The short answer is: They all work for your application. We have multiple so that you don't have to wait. Each engine comes as a longblock with  free shipping, a gasket kit, and a new oil pump (some have more options -see specific part for details). If one is priced lower and you can add to cart, it's in stock - you win.
The long answer is: We supply engines from multiple factories.  Each part has a factory tour video on the page. Also the warranty page outlines the differences.
For example, all EGL engines come from our facility in Addison, TX. The 3 year/100,000 mile limited warranty covers self installation.
All ATK engines come from our facility in Grand Prarie, TX  and require a Licensed Automotive Repair Facility for warranty (no self install).
ATK engines have the option of a "No Fault" Warranty as well as shipping to Hawaii (we do not ship EGL engines to Hawaii).

Why are your engines so inexpensive?
Our secret to the highest quality at the lowest price: We make a lot. (We've built over 2,000,000) We make a great product. (Some say the best in the business) We get it to you at the lowest cost possible. (You won't find this quality for less, period) We sell a lot of them, but we also keep our costs lower than anyone else.  This gives us buying power and savings that no one can match.  We cut costs and pass the savings on to you. The site enables us to keep prices low. We ask you to email or call because the answers to 90% of your questions are right here. Our site is SSL, all purchases are through Paypal or 2Checkout and via credit card -- so you are protected. We make a great product; and our investment in technology and production has resulted in lower prices! WITH ENGINEGUY.COM, YOU ORDER ONLINE AND SAVE.
Why should I stop buying from my current supplier?
Simply put – same quality, same product, lower price. You may get more jobs that might have left your shop because the price on the engine was just too high. Do your business a favor – give us a shot.
Who makes your engines?
Our engines come from what we consider to be the best in the business. Our EngineGuy brand engines come from QS certified facilities that have been approved to build for the OE's, Please tour our factory (see the video). We also supply engines from ATK and ATK PERFORMANCE.
Are your engines rebuilt?
NO  Our engines are remanufactured. You can get rebuilt engines a lot cheaper than ours  but someone has just fixed what was broken and put it back together using most of the old wear parts. Our remanufactured engines go through the same systematic process every time regardless of the condition of the core engine we start with. The same parts are always replaced with new. It's Apple to Oranges. That's why ours have 0 miles and a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty that you can count on..(see also What brand name parts go into the engines?)
What comes with your engines?
Our engines are generally sold as longblocks and come with a gasket set and a new oil pump.  See the included with every purchase section on the site. As far as parts go, Not only new, but new name brand: pistons, piston rings, valves, valve keepers, valve locks, valve springs, gaskets, bearings, timing chains and gears, pushrods, lifters and soft plugs.
What is a longblock?
Most replacement engines come as longblocks. This enables you to maximize the utility of the current compents. A longblock engine includes the block, crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods and camshaft.  This is generally called the "rotating assembly,"  Longblocks also include the cylinder head(s) and the valve train components.
I have a credit card limit. Can you break it into multiple payments?
Absolutely. If you need us to break it into multiple payments, just sign up as a customer and email customerservice@engineguy.com with your request. We'll break it up and invoice you via PayPal. it's not a problem that we can't handle.

What's your warranty?

All light duty gasoline remanufactured engines from EngineGuy carry a 36 month or 100,000 mile limited warranty.  Full details are outlined on the site in the warranty information section.

How much labor does your warranty pay?

It depends on which warranty applies to your engine. EngineGuy warranty allows $50 per hour for repairs or replacements, while the optional   No Fault Gold goes up to $95. Please see the warranty claims section of the site.

What time guide do you use?

We use Current Motor or Alldata.

What do I do with my cores?

We advise that you complete the engine swap BEFORE we pick up the core so you can be sure you have all the parts you need off the old unit to complete your installation.   We will send a truck for your core return when you are ready.

Core pickup is FREE for EngineGuy website purchases within the first 30 days. Check out our Core Policy section of the site.

 Who do I call if I have a warranty issue?

We ask that you report any issues to the EngineGuy salesperson who sold you the engine. They will start a warranty ticket with EngineGuy's own Product Support Department.  You will get a call back from one of our Master Certified technicians to walk you through your issue. You can also email: warrany@engineguy.com .

Do you guys deny warranty claims?

All alleged defects are returned to the builder for teardown and inspection. If the engine is determined to be built according to specification, we may not offer labor reimbursement for the repair.

Anything else I should tell customers about your engines?

You should tell them that their warranty is national.  They can have repairs done under warranty anywhere they take their car and they don't have to bring it back to you for warranty work.

What do I need to worry about on installs?

Do not dry start our engines! Proper pre-lubrication is essential. Also pay attention to remote oil coolers  these are impossible to properly clean and should be replaced. And finally use care when cleaning oil pans, front covers and valve covers.  Improper cleaning (scotchbrite pads or abrasive disks) will contaminate your new engine in no time. Follow the included installation instructions.


Are your engines tested?

Yes 100% or our engines are pressure tested after assembly to assure water jacket integrity.  Each engine is spin tested on a run-in machine.  This process allows checks of compression on each cylinder, oil pressure and flow, and dynamic resistance.


Our Engines Feature:

New pistons, rings, timing components, freeze plugs, gasket sets, valve guides, lifters, oil pumps, rod bearings, main bearings and cam bearings
Crankshafts are reground, polished, and oil holes chamfered to rigid specifications
Connecting rods are checked for bend or twist, resized and honed to O.E.M. specifications
Valve seats are 3-angle cut for optimum sealing
All new valves**
Blocks are shot blast cleaned and magnafluxed to assure unseen cracks do not cause premature failure
Block deck and cylinder heads are resurfaced to assure proper sealing -- All blocks are Line honed
Engines are 100% functionally tested
New cams are used on flat tappet OHV applications*
Fel-Pro is our primary gasket supplier
*Virtually all applications
**On applications where new valves are not used, valve stems are centerless ground, butt cut, and chamfered to assure proper clearance and oil control


Engine Guy distributes the highest quality remanufactured engines in the world.  Our remanufacturing facilities cater to and have fulfilled the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers such as Ford, GM, and Chrysler Corporation.

Our engines are tested and re-tested. We check cylinder bore cylindricity and machined surfaces using the revolutionary Pat cylindricity gauge  and Hommel surface measuring gauges. With this level of attention to detail, it"s no wonder our manufacturing facility has achieved ISO 9002/QS9000 compliance and ISO 14001 Environmental Certification. But our quality manufacturing process is not limited to technology alone. We also have a vigorous process improvement program that continually enhances our ability to produce a better product quicker, thus driving down costs for our customers. And although our people and processes are some of the best available anywhere in the world today, we back them up with a quality assurance department that is tasked to ensure that the high standards we set for ourselves often higher than those required by our customers are always met.



Our Transmissions Feature:

At core teardown, ALL friction material and rubber components are discarded. Pistons ARE NOT air-checked with old seals and reused. "Good enough" isn't.
External case surfaces are painted and gasket surfaces are refinished.
Hard parts are checked against exacting standards and remanufactured using processes available, but largely unused, by most rebuilders.
Problematic hard parts such as 4L60/E reaction shells are replaced with new OE components or aftermarket upgrades.
Units are assembled with OEM hard parts and soft parts except in cases where aftermarket has proven superior.
Valve bodies are remanufactured using the best of factory and Sonnax components and go through a thorough preliminary check on an AXI-LINE valve body tester.
All electronics are functionally tested. TCC, PWM, PSM, and EPC are replaced 100%. Transmissions with solenoid bodies get new OE replacements. The MLPS is included AND functionally tested.
Each part and process is checked by multiple technicians before final assembly.
Our transmissions use Art Carr torque converters*
Transmissions are again tested electronically and hydraulically at very low RPM on the dyno before their actual full-power run.
The Mustang dyno tests the transmission using power and loads that simulate its intended use.
*certain applications use OE


To ensure that we have the ENGINES YOU NEED RIGHT WHEN YOU NEED THEM, We have partnered with ATK. You will find them by the ATK part#'s Here's some information from ATK:

When you purchase an engine you can rest assured that you are buying something that is better than new quality. Why do we have better than new quality? Every engine that is remanufactured is reverse engineered to ensure that any original factory defects are removed, saving you time and money and keeping you on the road and out of the shop.

Some key bullet points:
[*] Every engine is power tested before it leaves the factory. During this process each engine is hot run tested for pressure, leaks, and overall operating condition to ensure that the engine is performing to specification.
[*] A Birth Certificate is issued with each engine that has been hot run tested containing the Serial number, Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Compression, and Running Time
[*] Engines with cylinder heads are engineered & fully remanufactured by skilled craftsmen, using only the highest-quality parts and precision-machined tolerances.
[*] Engines are backed by a 3-year - unlimited-mile warranty!

Remanufactured long blocks are fully remanufactured using the highest quality replacement parts and expert workmanship with ISO/TS16949 certification.

There are over 150 processes involved in manufacturing. Rigorous procedures include the following: All engine blocks are magnafluxed, bored, precision honed and mains are line-honed. The camshaft bearings are line-bored for accurate center-to-center clearance, all blocks and cylinder heads are precision surfaced, cylinder heads magnafluxed & machined for three- angle valve seats. All crankshafts are stress-relieved, precision ground and micro polished. Camshafts are precision ground or replaced with new. Each engine is tested for compression, oil pressure, oil leaks, engine noise, and general operating condition before shipment.


Horizontal CNC Machining Centers

1.Consistent, reliable block machining and cylinder boring

2.Flexibility to machine multiple engines and engine families

3.Precision liner glass scales in X, Y and Z axes

4.Turn boring accuracy to +0.05 mm

5.Consistently achieve highest accuracy measurements

6.Reduce cycle times by 55%



This computer-controlled process buffs and cleans the intake and exhaust manifold surfaces on cylinder heads. The use of robotics provides:

1.Tighter tolerances

2.Dependable repeatability

3.Higher cyclic rates


Guy Current (DC) Torque

Torque-to-yield fasteners require DC-drive, controlled fastening systems to correctly and consistently tighten bolts to precise specifications and tolerance ranges.  The electrically controlled torque guns and fastening tools are used in three critical areas:

1.Cylinder head bolts

2.Main bolts

3.Connecting rod bolts


CNC Crankshaft Grinder

Engine Guy offers its premium engines with cutting-edge technology for the fully automatic production process. Typically found only in OEM plants, the capabilities of the new generation CNC Crankshaft Grinder easily exceed current requirements.The CNC Crankshaft Grinder is designed for complete grinding of crankshafts in one chucking. This technology offers:

1.Tighter tolerances

2.Stabilized dimensional accuracy and surface quality

3.Ability to achieve and consistently maintain highest product quality


Crankshaft Micro - Polisher

Low-velocity abrading process uses lower cutting speeds (compared to grinding) and lower pressure to minimize heat, resulting in excellent surface, size, and geometry control. This technology is used in most polishing applications where high loads and tight tolerances are required in today's applications.


CNC Rod Honing

The Sunnen KGM-1000 KROSSGRINDING System is the choice for extreme accuracy when honing connecting rods. The KGM system is capable of holding the tightest tolerances in the industry. It can deliver accuracies as good as 0.00001 in. (0,00025 mm) in straightness and .00015 in. (0,00381 mm) in roundness in a production environment.


Sim Testing Machine

Each Engine is pre-lubed and spin tested for proper oil pressure, oil flow, compression, and general operation before packaging.


Packaging / Logistics

Engine Guy ships nationwide with advanced notification delivery information, online tracking, and is packaged securely for easy handling in a special built plastic two piece container.  The container also offers an effortless core engine return by simply placing the core back into the container for return…no banding, roping or wrestling your old engine cores.

CB Carburetor
DOHC Dual Over Head Camshaft
INT Intake Valve
SOHC Single Over Head Camshaft
CC Cubic Centimeter
EFI Electronic Fuel Injection
MFI Multi-port Fuel Injection
T Turbo
CI Cubic Inch
EXH Exhaust Valve
OHC Over Head Camshaft
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
D Diesel
FI Fuel Injection
OHV Over Head Valve
FWD Front Wheel Drive
DIA Diameter
HLC Hydraulic Lash Compensator
RWD Rear Wheel Drive
HSC High Swirl Chamber

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