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Shipping & Delivery
For in stock Engines, Transmissions and Transfer Cases - Orders before 2:30 PM CST Ship Same Day.
Shipping is Free within the continental US (add $300 for Hawaii), as is core pickup within 30 days.
All shipments come via Liftgate truck (no dock or forklift necessary) unless otherwise specified and there is no additional charge for residential delivery.
All EngineGuy Engines, Transmissions and Transfer Cases come in a durable and safe plastic delivery crate.
After installation, you will place your core in the same crate and contact us for pickup.
Engines, Transmissions and Transfer Cases are delivered to your billing address unless otherwise directed.
Upon shipment, you may receive and email with tracking information. You can also login here to check order status.
Delivery typically takes place within 3-5 business days - but if you live in the boondocks (rural locations) and need it shipped with a liftgate truck, it may take longer (this also goes for those of you in Washington, Maine, etc... since we ship from Dallas, Texas). This isn't a book; it's a 500 lb engine - order early and give yourself enough time. That said, we ship same day and most of you will get it in about 2 business days. Check your tracking information
Although it happens quite rarely , an item may be on backorder. You will know this when you add the item to your cart. This is an example of what you may encounter - pay specical attention to the text in Red and act accordingly.  Thank you.
Make sure that it's in stock :-)
Privacy & Security
Your privacy and security is important to us. This is why we prefer PayPal for payment processing; and EngineGuy is an SSL Secure Site.Click for additional info
Returns & Replacements
Merchandise purchased from EngineGuy may be returned within 7 days if found to be defective in manufacture or unsuitable for use as described on our web site. Returns for any other reason are subject to a 20% restocking charge. Any such merchandise MUST be returned exactly as received and uninstalled, including original packaging. Shipping and return shipping charges are not refundable (In the event of a “Free Shipping” coupon or promotion, the shipping fee of $200 is non-refundable. To receive return authorization and instructions, please contact us by email at
Card Processing will charge your account immediately.
Backorders:Items on backorder will take an estimated 5-10 business days.
In the event of any shortage due to shipping differences, we reserve the right to request any difference needed to complete the order. Late cancellations/refunds may be subject to an incoming charge from PayPal on the returned balance.
Cancellations: Orders canceled prior to shipment, regardless of circumstance, are subject to a $99 credit card processing fee.
Payment, Pricing & Promotions
Coupon codes may be entered at checkout for discounts when applicable. Usage of coupons is limited to one coupon per order. Prices are subject to change at any time.
Viewing Orders
Just login to check order status, get tracking information, or schedule core pickup
Limitation Of Liability
Liability on all purchases is limited to a full refund of the invoice amount. This includes refunds for damaged or missing items at time of receipt, items not in stock at time of order, and items returned due to shipper error.  EngineGuy assumes no liability for the performance of items sold, and all warranties are limited to those of the manufacturer(s) of the item(s) received see .
About Us is U.S.based and Veteran Owned. With Paypal, your full purchase price and shipping are Protected by PayPal Protection.Got a question, call us at 972 244 3364 15305 Dallas Parkway Addison, TX 75001 USA
International Orders
The good news is that we have some of the best prices on engines & transmissions - that is why you are here. The less exciting news is that we only ship to the United States. Some customers have recommended delivery in the the US with a freight forwarder. However, we do not endorse or arrange for international shipping.
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